Hi there, I'm Kilian. I run Firstversionist, where I work as a solo developer/entrepreneur to create apps that make developers and designers better and faster at their work.

I spent the last two decades designing and developing websites, managing teams, teaching students and giving SEO and usability advice, so I like to think I have a pretty firm grasp of what makes people better at creating websites, and how to get them there.

As a solo developer, I spend my day working on many different areas of the product. One moment I'm knee-deep into implementing an exciting new feature into Polypane, then I'm improving the subscription management site and responding to a support question of someone using Polypane for things I had never imagined.

Polypane is completely bootstrapped, and you as a subscriber contribute directly to me being able to keep working on Polypane. I don't take this lightly. If there's something you're unhappy about, or something you wish Polypane did better, please reach out and I'll do everything I can to improve the situation.

So that's me. If you leave a message in the chat (bottom right over there) I'll be the one responding to you and helping you out. Don't be afraid to say hi! I'd love to hear what you're working on.


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