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Developer tools extensions

You can install Chromium devtools extensions (addons) in Polypane through the devtools extension manager. You can use them in the devtools for each pane.

To open the Devtools Extension manager, go to the "Edit" main menu, then "configurators", then "Devtools extensions". You can also right click the Devtools icon in the header to open the submenu and select "Devtools Extension manager", or click the button in the devtools pane. You can add, remove and reload/update devtools extensions via this manager.

When you reload devtools we automatically fetch the latest version from the Chrome web store.

Supported extensions

To add a devtool, Select the name of one of the preconfigured devtools in the form and click the plus button. We currently have the following devtools preconfigured:

  • Angularjs Batarang
  • Angular DevTools
  • Angular State Inspector
  • Alpinejs devtools
  • Apollo Client Developer Tools
  • Backbone Debugger
  • CSS Stacking Context
  • CSS Feature Toggles
  • Cycle.js
  • DOM treemap
  • Ember Inspector
  • MobX Developers Tools
  • React Developer Tools
  • Redux DevTools
  • Vue.js devtools
  • Vue Devtools beta
  • jQuery Debugger
  • Svelte Developer Tools
  • Preact DevTools
  • Meteor DevTools
  • XState DevTools

Chrome webstore ID

You can also fill in a Chrome webstore ID and we will fetch the specified developer tool. Please be aware we can't guarantee these will work. To find a Chrome webstore id, search for the extension in the Chrome store. The URL will look like this:

You will need just the bolded part, or the last part after the slash (without the ?hl= part).

React-devtools 4.27 is broken in Polypane

The current release of React-devtools does not work with any Electron-based applications and you will need to downgrade to an earlier version. We have created a page with instructions:

Downgrading react-devtools

Troubleshooting extensions

If you accidentally install a regular extension, or a devtools extension that depends on specific Chromium APIs that are not available, the extension might not work or Polypane might crash or stop responding. If that happens, the extension can be removed manually by following the next steps:

First, close Polypane fully. Then open the following directory:

  • On Windows: %APPDATA%/Polypane/
  • On macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Polypane/
  • On Linux: ~/.config/Polypane/

In that directory there is a file called polypane-extensions. This file has no extension, but it's a plaintext file containing JSON. You can either delete this entire file, or edit it to remove the offending extension. When you have done so you can restart Polypane again.


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