Isolate panes (Beta)

In Polypane, panes are implemented in a shared environment. This has benefits but does not work for every type of website and web app. Because of this, Polypane has an "Isolate panes" setting that isolates each pane in its own process.

To turn on isolate panes mode, click "Isolate Panes (Beta)" in the Edit menu.

In Isolate pane mode, There is no longer one global developer tools but each pane has its own devtools and the ability to use devtools extensions like the React or Vue.js devtools. The developer tools button in the header switches from a button to open devtools to a button that turns on "inspect element" mode for all panes.

The pane isolation makes it possible to do emulation, Polypane supports many different device settings and custom user agents.

You can configure custom headers per pane. You can use these for example to test out different language support by setting a different accept-language: headers for each pane.

We have enabled popups for isolated panes. If you require them for e.g. Google or Facebook Oauth login, you can do so in Isolate pane mode.


Isolate panes is currently in beta and has some known issues:

  • Devtools for a pane can not be docked in the main Polypane window.
  • Sometimes, the devtools for a pane gets detached. If this happens, you need to close and reopen it.

If you encounter any other issues, just let us know.

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