Who is building Polypane?

My name is Kilian Valkhof and I'm building Polypane though my company Firstversionist B.V. (comparable to LLC), a company registered in the Netherlands under KVK 74263404.

A little background about me: I have over 20 years of experience designing and building web sites and web applications, as well as over 10 years experience managing teams of developers and designer. Because of this broad experience I am intimitely familiar with inefficiencies in the web development process. With Polypane I am tackling those issues head-on.

Who will benefit from this application?

Anyone that needs to do anything in the process of creating and maintaining websites or webapps can benefit from Polypane. Here's a breakdown of what people typically get out of Polypane:

Developers. By getting a full overview of a website or app, inefficiencies around developing for many different screensizes are eliminated. Polypane contains a number of tools that developers typically run different scripts for, so less time needs to be spend on tooling maintenance. Additionally, Polypane includes additional information on websites like an overview of the social media tags and accessibility status, so that non-visible parts of the website are of equally high quality.

UX designers. By having a convenient way to test website implementations in multiple screen sizes and device emulations simultaneously UX designers save time in the testing stage. The Reference image and handoff tool integration make it up to 3 times faster to compare a live website to a reference design.

Product managers. Keeping tabs on how a design implemenation is going across multiple devices saves PMs a lot of time, and features like the full screen and overview screenshots make it easy for PMs to keep clients up-to-date with progress.

Quality assurance. Test a site in many emulated devices at once. Polypane has emulation options like slow internet and color blindness simulators, as well as quick tests for many accessibility issues. QA can quickly run a large number of tests on a large number of screens, drastically improving their time spent. Bugs are easily communicated with the screenshotting options, and design consistency is easily checked with reference images.

Are there restrictions on where the app can be used?

Licenses are for individuals, but any individual can install Polypane on up to three machines. The app is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

My employee likes the app but is unsure it's worth the cost.

Polypane needs to save a single developer less than 5 minutes a month, after which the cost is rapidly offset by increased productivity. In our experience a 60% increase in developer speed using Polypane is not uncommon.

This 60% also excludes the very real cost associated with having to go back to finished projects to fix bugs that got missed during the development. The real savings when using Polypane are significant.

For QA, the number of devices that are needed for testing can be drastically reduced, lowering cost significantly, and the maintainance burden of keeping the devices up to date is much lower too, saving a lot of time.

Are there volume licenses available?

Yes, there is a Business license available with a flat rate for up to 10 people, with up to 40% discount. Above 10 people, contact us.

Are there non-profit discounts?

Unfortunately, there are no non-profit discounts at this time.

Can I get an invoice?

Yes, invoives are automatically sent upon completion of the trial period. If you need to fill in VAT details you can do so when signing up, or upon receiving the invoice. Any difference will be automatically refunded at that point.

I have another question

Feel free to contact us through our support page.

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