Polypane is a browser that lets developers build better websites in less time by giving them features that save them time and effort like showing a site in a mobile, tablet and desktop size at once and providing popular developer tools directly from the browser.

Polypane is the first browser that really puts web creators first. Browser like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are really good at browsing the web but they're not built for web development. For a tool that a web developer will spent nearly half his time on, we think that's weird.

Just like you're not using a PDF editor or word processor to write code or using MS Paint to design websites, we think you shouldn't use a consumer browser either. In Polypane, every feature helps you as a web creator become better and more efficient at your job.

Polypanelets you develop for the web on all viewports and devices at once and gives you the best overview of them. It's the only browser with build-in features like breakpoint detection, css layout debugging and multi-pane screen shots. All these features are there you help you get more done, faster.

Media Assets

Download Media Assets with logos, icons, screenshots and photos.


For Press or PR, send an email to press@polypane.app Our Twitter acccount is actively used and has open DMs: @polypane. Call us on +31 6 40 96 84 20.

About the creator

Polypane is developed by Kilian Valkhof. Now 31, Kilian has been developing websites and applications since the age of 10 and started his first company at the age of 16, eventually growing it to a 15 person design agency.

Having directly designed and developed well over a hundred websites for startups, multinationals and governmental agencies, Kilian is intimately aware of the inefficiencies in the process of creating websites and apps. Leaving his design agency at the beginning of 2019, he launched a new company called Firstversionist with the goals of empowering developers, designers and other creators with powerful software that helps them get work done faster and better. Polypane is the first project to come out of that.

Kilian is an active open source contributer with applications like FromScratch, a simple but smart note taking application used by over 6000 people worldwide and Trimage, image compression software available on Debian and Ubuntu. He is an active contributer to the Electron project and maintains the "electron-to-chromium" library that sees over 9 million weekly downloads.

Kilian lives in the Netherlands near The Hague.

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