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There are many online responsive design testing tools available. What makes Polypane different?

Unlike online responsive design testing tools, Polypane lets you inspect and test any website, including sites you're developing locally on your machine. It actively helps you build better websites and lets you check the design is implemented correctly.

Polypane understands your CSS

With a single click you can generate previews for all the CSS breakpoints in your CSS. Get the complete overview without endlessly resizing your browser.

Real device emulation

Polypane doesn't just show a site in the right dimensions, but it also emulates the user agent, pixel ratio and even supports touch simulation so you really get to test the way your site works on different mobile devices. Polypane has over 20 preset devices and you add your own devices too.

Compare your website to the design

With Polypane's Reference image you can quickly overlay a design and see differences between the site and the design. Wih our Handoff support you can use popular handoff tools like Zeplin, Avocode and Marvel right from inside Polypane.

Best-in-class full page responsive screenshots

Where other tools make full page responsive screenshots that are broken and incorrect, Polypane is the only tool that makes full page screenshots that actually look like what you see on the screen when you scroll a page. Don't believe us? Check our full page screenshot comparison page

More than just responsive design

There's more to a good website than just responsive design. Polypane includes social media previews, accessibility testing, contrast checkers, visual impairment simulators (like color blindness and far-sightedness) and many additional features to help you build the best websites and web apps.

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Available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

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