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Synced interactions

Test everything everywhere.
Just once.

Test your forms, menus and other interactions across your site on all devices in one go. Everything you do is synced between devices.

Meta panel

Stop looking through devtools for your meta data.

All your meta data in a single overview so you can quickly spot issues. Highlights missing values, duplicates, too long and too short content.

Meta panel

Pixel-perfect social media previews.

Our social media previews are pixel-perfect and up to date. Optimize your content for Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Linkedin, Discord and Telegram in both their light and dark mode.

Outline panel

Your browser tells you which links are broken.

Automatically checks all the links on your page for problems. If they're broken or have other issues, we'll let you know.

Outline panel

The perfect structure.

Headings, Focus order, Document outline. Get an overview of your site and get the perfect structure.

Debug tools

Improve color contrasts

Find all elements that don't have enough contrast using the real text and background colors. We'll suggest improved colors too!

Accessibility panel

Automated accessibility test

Test your pages with Polypane's accessibility panel to get an overview of issues and ways to improve them.

Debug tools

More than 25 debug tools

Test your site with 10+ simulators like color blindness and dyslexia.

Debug layout issues like horizontal overflow, disabled images and unneeded scrollbars.

And much more

Unlimited Viewports
Scroll Syncing
Hover Syncing
Grid Overlays
Unified Console
Keyboard Syncing
Device Presets
Freeform Resizing
Horizontal Overflow Detection
Developer Tools
Pixel-perfect Social Media Previews
Different Layout Modes
Device Emulation
Handoff Support
Live Reloading
Accessibility Audits
Page outlines
Live CSS Editing
Color Blindness Simulators
Full Page Screenshots
Visual Design Diffing
CSS Breakpoint Detection
Overview Screenshots
Unified Element Inspector
Touch emulation
Devtools Extensions
Broken Link Checking
Custom Headers
Dark Mode
…and more added monthly!

Build your next project with Polypane

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  • On Mac, Window and Linux
  • 14-day free trial – no credit card needed
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