Responsive Design Glossary

Feeling out of your depth when it comes to the terms and jargon used? We wrote a plain-english guide to many of the terms you'll come across when learning about responsive design.

Visualize your visitors browser sizes

Connect your Google Analytics and this page will show you a breakdown of the browser sizes that your visitors used in the past 30 days.

Create workspace

Create a Polypane workspace with the most used browser sizes based on your Google Analytics data from the past 30 days.

Color contrast calculator and suggestions

Calculate the contrast for any pair of colors to make sure they have enough contrast, and get suggestions for better color pairs.

CSS Specificity calculator

Learning about CSS selector, or wondering why a certain CSS selector is used above another? Use our CSS Specificity calculator to quickly find out what's going on.

Our blog

We frequently write articles on our blog about flexbox, responsive design and other deep dives in web technologies.

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