Debug tools

Simulate color blindness

Simulate 8 different types of color blindness directly in Polypane, side by side.

Debug tools

Test your color contrast automatically

Find all elements that don't have enough contrast using the real text and background colors. We'll suggest improved colors too!

Accessibility panel

Automated accessibility test

Over 80 different A11y tests. WCAG 2.1 and actionable feedback included.

Outline panel

Your page structure visualized New

Find broken links, incorrect header orders, Focus order issues, missing accessible names and more.


Dark mode, reduced motion & reduced data testing

Toggle Dark mode, reduced motion and reduced data for any pane with a single click and test it side-by-side with the regular site. No need to change your entire OS.

Debug tools

Simulate visual impairments

Polypane simulates Far-sightedness, glaucoma and cataracts but also dyslexia, bright sunlight and night mode. Easily accessible through the debug tools.

Debug tools


Check your mobile designs on how easy elements are to reach single-handedly. Comes in righty and lefty versions.

Debug tools

Accessibility overlays built in

Don't worry, we don't mean that type of overlay. But if you like A11y.css or Tota11y, Polypane has them built in!

Layout debugging

Horizontal overflow detection

Turn layout debugging on and Polypane highlights all elements causing a horizontal overflow, no messing around in the devtools needed.

Element inspector

A11y info at your fingertips

Whether in the element inspector or in the node selection tooltip, Polypane will show you the a11y info for each element, like contrast, accessible name, role and warnings for missing attributes.

Want to learn more?

We wrote about all the ways Polypane improves the accessibility of your site.

Find and fix accessibility issues with Polypane

12 min read. First posted on January 19, 2021

At Polypane, accessibility is one of the three core areas we focus on, along with performance and responsive design. If you're not familiar with Polypane, it's a web browser specifically for web developers. It has all…

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