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Website Builders

Previewing from these website builders automatically opens the pane sizes you've designed for, and updates the existing tabs in-place.

Tumult Hype

Preview your Interactive web content and animations at the breakpoints you specified.

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Tumult Whisk

Preview your pages in multiple panes and reload when files change.

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Bug reporting tools

Send bug reports directly from Polypane to speed up your QA using the integrated bug reporting tools directly in Polypane's panes.

Toybox Systems

Screenshot parts of your page and send it to Toybox systems.

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Screenshot parts of your page and send it to your favorite bug tracker.

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Analytics tools

Use your analytics data to create Polypane workspaces so you design for the viewports your real visitors use. Import workspaces into Polypane with a single click.

Google Analytics

Create a browser size workspace with the most used browser sizes based on your Analytics data from the past 30 days.

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Hand-off tools

The Polypane Browse panel includes quick links to all your favorite Hand-off tools. Keep your design and specs visible while you're implementing your designs at lightspeed.


Devtools extensions

Polypane works with many devtools extensions. We have built-in support for the ones listed below, but you can install any listed in the Chrome extension store.

Alpinejs Devtools
Angular devtools
Apollo Client Developer Tools
Backbone Debugger
CSS Stacking Context
DOM treemap
Ember Inspector
Meteor DevTools
MobX Developers Tools
Preact DevTools
React Developer Tools
Redux DevTools
Svelte Developer Tools
Vue.js devtools
XState DevTools

… and more. Learn more about Browser extensions in Polypane


No matter what your regular "browsing" browser is, The Polypane Browser extension lets you open the current URL in Polypane with a single click.

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Missing an integration?

Let us know which integrations you'd like to see! Reach out to us.

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