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Our mission is to be the best browser to develop and test websites and web applications in. We believe developers spend way too much time managing their browsers and waiting for tests to run. Polypane takes away all that managing and waiting so you can spend more time on your craft and polishing the websites you build.

Whether you're building a mobile web experience or a regular website, the tools in Polypane help you develop responsive and accessible sites without resizing your browser all the time and let you inspect your site's quality without needing to make your site publicly accessible and waiting on third party tests to run.

With Polypane, we want to be prescriptive, not descriptive. What we mean with that is that while there are plenty of tools that will tell you what your site is doing wrong, few of them will tell you what to do about it. Polypane tells you what to improve and how to improve it, so you can get on with actually developing the site.

I'm a web developer from The Netherlands 🇳🇱, where I've been designing and building sites for the web for nearly 20 years (…I got started early).

I had a prototype of Polypane that I used for a couple of years at my web agency, after coming up with it as a solution to getting super annoyed having to resize my browser all the time. As I used it and kept adding features I noticed that it was making me so much faster (like, 3 times faster 🤯).

So I switched from building websites to building a browser. Polypane is my full-time job and I'm doing everything I can to make it the perfect browser for developers and designers. For the complete history, read How I built my own browser

Beyond Polypane, I also develop Superposition, which extracts design tokens from live websites and then exports them to code and to design tools and FromScratch, an autosaving scratchpad that I use all day. I also do a ton of open source work, I'm part of the Electron governance team and if you write JavaScript in any form, you probably have code I wrote on your computer right now.

I'd love to hear from you. Connect with me via Twitter, LinkedIn or email.

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