Photo of Kilian

Hi! I'm Kilian, the creator of Polypane.

Like you, I'm a web developer. In nearly 20 years of creating websites and apps for the web, I've built many open source apps and libraries. I write about them and other things that interest me on my blog. Other apps that I've built include Superposition, FromScratch and Trimage.

I'm building my own browser.

Before I started doing that, I ran an internet agency. I constantly felt pressure from clients to develop sites faster and here I was, resizing my browser to work on each screen size one-by-one. I was wasting so much time just resizing my browser.

More than that, I saw many opportunities to make the process so much better, to make a browser that works for me instead of against me. So that is my goal: the ultimate browser for developers and designers. I hope you'll check out Polypane and help me make that a reality.

Polypane can easily cut your development time in half, and I'm just getting started.

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