Polypane 1.3: Full page mode and screenshot improvements


Polypane 1.3 adds a full page mode, screenshot improvements and shortcuts for the quick switcher, as well as laying the groundwork for the upcoming Polypane 2. What's new in this release? Full mode Show a site in the full width of your browser window…

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The perfect responsive menu (2019)


On a desktop, websites have the space to show the full menu or navbar. On a mobile device that space isn't there and you want to hide the menu behind a toggle (like a hamburger icon), then show it when people click that toggle. How do you offer both…

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Give your eyes some rest with dark mode in Polypane


Whether you like your entire OS to be in dark mode or not, sometimes it's just nice to dim an application and gives your eyes a little rest. That's exactly what dark mode in Polypane, one of our most requested features, gives you. No more bright…

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Polypane 1.2: Dark mode, Full page screenshots, Live reloading and more


There is a new version of Polypane available! It brings dark mode, live reloading, full page screenshots and a ton more great features. Read on for the details. To check out the latest version, start your trial . What's new? Dark mode What can I say…

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Polypane 1.1 release notes


Update 1th aug 2019: Polypane 1.1.1 is now available with the following bugfixes: Fix : zoom-to-fit on Windows (it got broken in 1.1, sorry!) Improvement : better breakpoint detection for certain sites Improvement : warning for browsersync is hidden…

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Responsive design ground rules for 2019


Creating a responsive design can be intimidating. There are many moving parts, things might lay out in ways you didn't expect and keeping all various viewports in mind when laying out a design can be daunting. With these ground rules, your responsive…

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Responsive CSS breakpoints for the top 50 websites 2019


With Polypane, it's simple to see a website in all the responsive widths it's designed for. Polypane intelligently parses the CSS and finds all the media query declarations. We looked at the top 50 websites worldwide (according to Alexa) to see how…

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Why you need a development browser


You're probably looking at this site in Google Chrome or Firefox. That's fine, that's exactly what they're for: browsing the web, and being really, really good at browsing the web. They're built for that. They're built for searching things and…

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Roadmap, and why Polypane is a subscription


Hi, I'm Kilian. I'm the solo developer of Polypane. Let me tell you about why Polypane is a subscription, and what that means for the roadmap. Polypane is a subscription so that I can focus on adding new features continuously and get them in your…

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Who is building Polypane?


Hi there, I'm Kilian. I run Firstversionist , where I work as a solo developer/entrepreneur to create apps that make developers and designers better and faster at their work. I spent the last two decades designing and developing websites, managing…

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