Polypane demo with Shawn @swyx Wang

1 min read. First posted on October 16, 2020

Last Tuesday together with Shawn @swyx Wang we held a livestream to give a tour of Polypane. We used Shawn's website to go through most of the features Polypane has to offer and shared thoughts on modern web…

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Strategies for dealing with horizontal overflows

2 min read. First posted on October 8, 2020

One of the most time consuming issues when it comes to web development is debugging horizontal scrollbars . They're easy to overlook (and on most Macs, they don't even show up) and if users accidentally scroll, it's…

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Beautiful CSS 3D Transform Examples

1 min read. First posted on October 5, 2020

3D transforms and perspective can be a great trick to add depth and texture to any website but they're tricky to get right. They can easily look skewed, too flat or distorted if you don't use a fitting perspective or…

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Polypane 3.3: Grids and guides, horizontal overflow detection and updated UI

7 min read. First posted on August 31, 2020

Add grids and guides to your site, detect which elements cause horizontal overflows, new overlays, a refreshed UI and noticable performance improvements. with over 50 changes there's quite a lot to find in the new…

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How Earnworthy uses Polypane to audit landing pages and land 25% more customers

3 min read. First posted on August 17, 2020

We interviewed Nicholas Scalice, the founder of Earnworthy and creator of the GrowthMarketer.co newsletter about how he uses Polypane to be able to provide quick landing page consultations while focusing on both…

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Polypane ❤ Tumult Hype. New integration

1 min read. First posted on July 27, 2020

Tumult Hype lets you create beautiful, responsive HTML5 animations and web content. When you preview your design by clicking the 'preview' button in Hype and selecting Polypane, it will automatically open the viewports…

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How Code& increased their efficiency by 500% maintaining and improving websites like Freshwater SLSC

10 min read. First posted on July 22, 2020

We interviewed Dale Grant, the owner of Code& on their workflow and how Polypane fits into it. As a development-focused agency they use WordPress for a wide variety of clients and projects. Can you introduce us to Code…

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CSS breakpoints used by popular CSS frameworks

1 min read. First posted on July 15, 2020

When using a CSS framework it often doesn't matter what devices people use. These frameworks come with their own set of CSS breakpoints with components that work well with those breakpoints. Instead of configuring…

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How Tailwind Made uses Polypane

3 min read. First posted on July 3, 2020

The following article was written by Vivian of Tailwind Made on how they use Polypane in their development process and is part of a series of case studies by Polypane users. We’re Tailwind Made , a web shop that…

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Polypane 3.2: Accessibility and viewport sizing

6 min read. First posted on June 12, 2020

We're introducing two big features in Polypane 3.2: The accessibility panel and viewport sizing . Beyond that we added a whole lot of smaller features and improvements, with nearly 40 items in our release notes…

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The complete guide to CSS media queries

22 min read. First posted on June 2, 2020

Media queries are what make modern responsive design possible. With them you can set different styling based on things like a users screen size, device capabilities or user preferences. But how do they work, which ones…

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Polypane 3.1: New elements panel

5 min read. First posted on April 22, 2020

Polypane 3.1 is now available and with over 30 new and improved features it's our biggest release ever. With Polypane 3.1 we're introducing the Polypane elements panel: A completely new elements panel written for…

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8 ways to increase your productivity as a web developer (in 2020)

7 min read. First posted on April 14, 2020

Making websites takes time. There are a lot of parts you have to think about if you want to create a good, solid website and sometimes it might feel like there just isn't a way to go through the work faster. Whether you…

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Color contrast checker that makes suggestions for better colors

1 min read. First posted on March 30, 2020

For the past week or so I've been helping out with Coronastatus , an online platform that's now live in 20+ countries where people can self-report their health status in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the…

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Polypane 3: browser tabs and dark mode emulation

4 min read. First posted on March 2, 2020

Polypane 3 is now available and comes with two big new features: Media Feature emulation and Browser tabs , as well as an upgrade to Chromium 80. To allow for browser tabs we also updated the rest of the UI to match…

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Polypane is now part of the GitHub Student Developer Pack

1 min read. First posted on February 25, 2020

We are super proud to announce that Polypane is now part of the GitHub Student Developer Pack . Eligible students get free access to Polypane for a year and can sign up starting today by authenticating with GitHub here…

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CSS specificity calculator

1 min read. First posted on February 24, 2020

If an element is targeted by multiple selectors, browser use the specificity of the selector to determine which styling to apply. Each selector has a specificity that is determined by what you use in that selector…

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4 CSS layouts without using media queries

5 min read. First posted on January 22, 2020

Do you always need media queries to make a website responsive? With flexbox and grid you can make responsive layouts without having to define fixed breakpoints with media queries. Adam Argyle recently showed us a tweet…

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Polypane 2.1: Edit all your panes at the same time

7 min read. First posted on January 14, 2020

With Polypane, we want to give you better insights into your site and make the entire developer/designer workflow faster. With Polypane 2.1, we've made some huge improvements for both of those goals. What's new? Quick…

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Responsive Design Glossary

1 min read. First posted on December 2, 2019

With responsive design come a lot of new terms and concepts and there wasn't really a single place that listed them all with explanations in plain English. So we created one. No super long articles that bury the…

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Polypane 2: device emulation, new modes and simulators

4 min read. First posted on November 6, 2019

Polypane 2 is out! In Polypane 2 we're introducing a bunch of often-asked for features, like full device emulation, filtering and a vertical view mode but also some completely new functionality that just might change how…

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Polypane 1.3: Full page mode and screenshot improvements

2 min read. First posted on September 24, 2019

Polypane 1.3 adds a full page mode, screenshot improvements and shortcuts for the quick switcher, as well as laying the groundwork for the upcoming Polypane 2. What's new in this release? Full mode Show a site in the…

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The perfect responsive menu (2020)

2 min read. First posted on September 20, 2019

On a desktop, websites have the space to show the full menu or navbar. On a mobile device that space isn't there and you want to hide the menu behind a toggle (like a hamburger icon), then show it when people click that…

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Give your eyes some rest with dark mode in Polypane

1 min read. First posted on August 27, 2019

Whether you like your entire OS to be in dark mode or not, sometimes it's just nice to dim an application and gives your eyes a little rest. That's exactly what dark mode in Polypane, one of our most requested features…

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Polypane 1.2: Dark mode, Full page screenshots, Live reloading and more

4 min read. First posted on August 22, 2019

There is a new version of Polypane available! It brings dark mode, live reloading, full page screenshots and a ton more great features. Read on for the details. To check out the latest version, start your trial . What's…

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Polypane 1.1 release notes

3 min read. First posted on July 8, 2019

Update 1th aug 2019: Polypane 1.1.1 is now available with the following bugfixes: Fix : zoom-to-fit on Windows (it got broken in 1.1, sorry!) Improvement : better breakpoint detection for certain sites Improvement…

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Responsive design ground rules for 2020

4 min read. First posted on July 2, 2019

Creating a responsive design can be intimidating. There are many moving parts, things might lay out in ways you didn't expect and keeping all various viewports in mind when laying out a design can be daunting. With these…

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Responsive CSS breakpoints for the top 50 websites 2019

3 min read. First posted on May 27, 2019

With Polypane, it's simple to see a website in all the responsive widths it's designed for. Polypane intelligently parses the CSS and finds all the media query declarations. We looked at the top 50 websites worldwide…

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Why you need a development browser

2 min read. First posted on April 25, 2019

You're probably looking at this site in Google Chrome or Firefox. That's fine, that's exactly what they're for: browsing the web, and being really, really good at browsing the web. They're built for that. They're built…

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Roadmap, and why Polypane is a subscription

1 min read. First posted on March 30, 2019

Hi, I'm Kilian. I'm the solo developer of Polypane. Let me tell you about why Polypane is a subscription, and what that means for the roadmap. Polypane is a subscription so that I can focus on adding new features…

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