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Polypane Documentation

Polypane is a browser for developers and designers with tons of features that help you build websites that are responsive, accessible and of high quality. This Quick Start guide aims to help you become familiar with Polypane's basic features.

Quick Start

The best way to begin with Polypane is to follow the Quick Start guide available within the application. This hands-on tutorial walks you through the common actions in Polypane and learn the UI.

Key features

  • Multi-Viewport Display: Visualize your website across multiple viewports simultaneously, referred to as "panes" in Polypane.
  • Easy Pane Management: Easily manage panes by adding, removing, and resizing them according to your needs. Customize their behavior based on CSS breakpoints, device presets, or create completely freeform panes.
  • Synced Interactions: Seamlessly interact with all viewports, ensuring synchronized scrolling, hovering, and form input for efficient testing.
  • Versatile layouts Options: Choose from horizontal, vertical, or focus layouts to tailor your workspace. Switch to the Full layout for a more traditional browsing experience.
  • Enhanced Testing Tools: Access a variety of tools, including image overlay and media query emulation, to streamline your testing process.

Exploring Polypane

Delve deeper into Polypane's features to uncover its full potential:

Switching to Polypane

Switching to a new development tool can take some getting used to. We have a few pointers on how to make the switch to Polypane easier.

Beyond that, familiarize yourself with Polypane's user interface and navigation and browse through the extensive documentation to find the features you need.

Need help? Chat with us in the app

If you encounter any challenges or have questions while using Polypane, our support team is here to assist you.

During the trial period click on "Onboarding support" to open a live chat with us. This is available for everyone under the "Chat with us" option in the Help menu.


Have a question about Polypane?

Contact us any time though chat, Slack or our contact form:

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