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European Enterprise Awards 2023

Best Digital Developer Tools Company

In the European Enterprise Awards organised by EU Business News Polypane was awarded "Best Digital Developer Tools Company" for West Europe.

Innovation in business

Most Innovative Web Development Tool 2023

Polypane was recognised as the Most Innovative Web Development Tool 2023 by Innovation in Business in their Technology Innovator Awards.

Momentum Leader Fall 2023

Polypane is a Momentum leader for Fall 2023 on Momentum leaders are the top rated products in a category.

Software Advice

2023 Frontrunner

Polypane is a Frontrunner on Software Advice for both the Website optimization tools and app development categories. Frontrunners list has the top rated tools in a category.


Shortlist 2023

Polypane is listed on the 2023 Capterra Shortlist in two categories: Website optimization tools and Application Development Software. The shortlist contains the highest rated and most popular tools in a category.


Top 50 Startup 2023

At Worldfestival 2023 Polypane was once again voted one of the top fifty startups worldwide. We previously competed in the Worldfestival Innovation awards in 2021, also winning a top 50 award.


Category leader 2022, 2023

Polypane was featured as Category Leader in the Website Optimization Tools category at GetApp two years in a row.

EU Business News

Best Web Developing Tool Company

In the Benelux Enterprise Awards 2022, organised by EU Business News, Polypane was awarded "Best Web Developing Tool Company".

Software Advice

Best customer support 2022

Polypane was awarded Best Customer Support 2022 by Software Advice.


#1 startup in our hometown!

In the 2021 startup of the year awards by Hackernoon, Polypane won the #1 spot in our hometown of Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.

Chamber of Commerce

KVK Innovatie Top 100

Every year the Dutch Chamber of Commerce releases their Innovation Top 100. For 2021 Polypane made the list as one of the most innovative companies in The Netherlands.

Developer Tool of the Week reviews and lists the best Developer tools. Polypane was chosen developer tool of the week on the 22nd of July 2021.

International Trade Council

Go Global awards 2021 Information Technology Frontrunner

Competing with over 4000 other organisations in the Go Global awards, Polypane was highlighted as an Information Technology Frontrunner.

EU Business News

Best Website/Web App Test & Development Browser 2021

In the Benelux Enterprise Awards 2021, organised by EU Business News, Polypane was awarded "Best Website/Web App Test & Development Browser".


Top 50 startup 2021

The WorldFestival 2021 Innovation Awards program is the largest worldwide awards competition identifying and recognizing global innovation. Out of 1000+ startups, Polypane was chosen as on of the fifty best startups.

Corporate Vision

Best Full-Service Web Development Solutions Provider 2021

In the Corporate Vision Technology Innovator Awards 2021, Polypane was awarded the "best full-service web development solutions provider".

CSS Tricks

Best browser for responsive design

CSS Tricks compared six different browsers for their responsive design tools and concludes that Polypane takes the crown, saying it has it has the most well-considered feature set and lauding our unified element inspector that lets you inspect and edit across all panes simultaneously.

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