Hey [manager],

I've been trying out this game-changing devtool and I'd like to request a license for it. It's called Polypane and here's why it would be beneficial for us:

  • It's a desktop browser based on Chrome but made for developers.
  • It lets you test multiple screen sizes simultaneously, saving time and effort.
  • It offers dozens of in-app accessibility checks and suggestions, helping us build high-quality and accessible sites.
  • Even better, the Polypane team is responsive to feedback and releases new versions each month.

They have a Black Friday deal that means we can save 30% on a subscription, for me or the entire team. It saves me a lot of time and I'm confident this is a good investment.

To set up a subscription for me, visit https://polypane.app/black-friday/, finance can be listed as the billing email. I can also do it - with your approval, of course!

[Your name]