We reinvented the browser and made it perfect for web developers and designers.

A standalone browser that makes you more than twice as productive and helps you build better websites and apps with powerful built-in developer tools for responsive design, accessibility and more.

Great companies use Polypane

You care about making amazing websites and apps and you hate it when tools waste our time. Polypane is the browser for you.

Develop responsive websites and apps twice as fast and get better results, because you wont be skipping screen sizes and wishing for the best.

Build higher quality websites, whether you use Wordpress, React, Angular, Svelte, Bootstrap, Drupal or any other CMS, library or framework. Polypane fits with any workflow.

Polypane has the right tools built-in for developing, debugging and testing, like devtools extensions, live reloading, accessibility testing and more. Oh, and you still get the Chromium devtools.

Your site is visited on many different devices. With Polypane you build on them too.

Never resize your browser again

Emulate real devices, use your responsive CSS breakpoints or pick your own dimensions. No resizing needed.

Syncs all your actions

Interacting with one viewport means interacting with all of them. Scrolling, hovers, clicks and forms, it just works.

Edit all panes at the same time

Make changes to all panes at once using our Element inspector and Live CSS editor.

Social media previews and meta info

Live previews of how your site looks when shared on social media, and all your meta information visible.

Live and Hot reloading. For everyone.

Live reloading for any development environment, from plain HTML files to Wordpress to React or Vue. CSS and images even update without a page refresh.

Powerful developer tools

Developer tools like you're used to from Chromium, with support for devtools extensions like React, Vue, Angular, Svelte and more.

Dark mode media query ready

Develop your site in light and dark mode at the same time, both in view and synced together. There is no faster way to build sites with dark and light mode.

Full page screenshots

You want best in class screenshots, and we have them. No other browser comes close in terms of rendering accuracy. We also support screenshots of all your viewports.

Compare full page screenshots

Everything you need to make awesome web experiences

Unlimited Screens
Scroll Syncing
Keyboard Syncing
Device Presets
Freeform Resizing
Developer tools
Social Media previews
Horizontal Mode
Device emulation
Vertical Mode
Handoff support
Live Reloading
Accessibility Debugging
Focus Mode
Live CSS Editing
Full Mode
Color Blindness Simulators
Full Page Screenshots
Image Comparison
CSS Breakpoint Detection
Overview Screenshots
Touch emulation
Devtools Extensions
Custom Headers
Dark Mode
…And more to come!

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Developers and designers love Polypane

Here's what they have to say:

Polypane is easily one of the most useful tools for modern web designers and developers.

Stephen HayAuthor of Responsive Design Workflow

It is convenient seeing your work in multiple responsive views at the same time. Love it, 💯

Sara SoueidanIndependent front-end UI engineer, Speaker/Trainer

Polypane is fast, helps me catch issues and the meta information preview is awesome.

Graeme FultonFounder at Letter

Using Polypane and woah this is awesome! It’s really slick and fast! I was just 5 minutes in and I already fixed a bug.

Sergio MatteiFounder at Makerlog

This thing is FAST and the synchronized scrolling works amazingly. Prepare to be impressed.

Vivian GuillenFrontend Developer & Curator at Tailwind Weekly

Polypane is a smart design environment where you can preview your designs across devices and viewports.

Colm TuiteCreator of Modulz

The first half hour in Polypane solved the frustration I had with responsive design. I really like it.

Nick van den BergFounder at Handoff.design

Polypane quickly became an indispensable part of my workflow. With a tool like this, you have no excuse not to create great, responsive experiences!

Richard GoodwinDeveloper & Podcaster at Comedywham

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We reinvented the browser

and made it perfect for web developers and designers.

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