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Share your local development environment anywhere, on any browser, on any device. Test and inspect directly from Polypane.


Open Network Portal

Keep other browsers in sync with Polypane.

Everything that makes Polypane great.
Available in all browsers.

Make your local URLs available across your network or on a secret public URL. Polypane Portal keeps everything in sync whether that's the scroll position, interactions, style edits or layout debugging.

All browsers invited

From Safari on your latest iPhone to Firefox on your old Kindle Fire.

Synced Interactions

Clicks, scrolling, typing and navigation are all kept in sync across all devices.

Layout Debugging

Fix layout bugs across all connected browsers in seconds.

Cross-browser editing

Use the Polypane Elements Panel to inspect and edit across browsers.

Preview and Collaborate

Share a live preview with anyone and collaborate in real-time. They see what you see.

Live reloading and CSS injection

Automatically inject CSS and images on file changes.

Trusted by devs from these companies

See it in action

Portal is a joy to use with any browser, device simulator or real device.

Cross-browser and Cross-device testing.
Made extremely easy.

Test many rendering engines and devices in one go. Everything you do in Polypane is automatically mirrored across all connected devices and browsers.

Cross-platform testing

Portal keeps everything in sync

Whatever you do in Polypane, happens in all connected browsers. No more one-by-one testing, no more manual refreshing.

Form input
Polypane Peek
DOM Edits
Layout Debugging
CSS Edits
Live Reload
Element Visibility

Click. Share.
Instant Feedback.

Share a live preview with anyone and collaborate. Any changes you make in devtools are instantly visible on all connected devices and browsers.

This thing is FAST and the synchronized scrolling works amazingly. Prepare to be impressed.
Vivian Guillen - Frontend Dev & Curator at Tailwind Weekly
Polypane is really saving my bacon. Kilian knocked it out of the park, this is my new favorite development tool.
Scott Tolinski - host, Level Up Tutorials
Polypane helped me see a spacing issue between two breakpoints that I wasn’t aware of. Love it 💯
Sara Soueidan - Front-end UI engineer, Speaker/Trainer
I've started playing around with Polypane and 🤯. It has awesome debugging tools, I'm really impressed.
Kevin Powell - CSS Evangelist
Available for Windows, macOS and Linux

Windows, macOS and Linux

Install Polypane on your favorite operating system (and architecture).