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Responsive design

Develop in multiple viewports at the same time

Polypane shows your site in multiple viewports at the same time, so you never have you resize your browser.

All your actions like scrolling, hovering, clicking and keyboard input are synced between all viewports.


Built-in Tailwind CSS breakpoints

Use the built-in Tailwind CSS breakpoints so you instantly get an overview of your site.

Using custom breakpoints? No problem, Polypane automatically detects those and makes panes with a single click.

Element editor

Add, edit and remove classes at lightning speed.

Apply Tailwind CSS classes to elements in all panes at once. See the effect on all screens at the same time.

Polypane automatically suggests classes from your CSS and HTML, and expands the class editor so you can see all your classes at a glance.

Side browser

Always have the Tailwind CSS docs at hand

With the Tailwind CSS documentation or your favorite Tailwind CSS cheatsheet in our side browser you never have to look far when you're looking something up.

Media Query emulation

Dark mode media query ready

Develop your site in light and dark mode at the same time, both in view and synced together. There is no faster way to build sites with dark and light mode.

Also works for reduced motion, color gamut and reduced data media queries!

Live reloading

Let us reload the CSS.

With built-in live reloading it doesn't matter if you have a hot-reloading setup or not. Polypane gives you live updating CSS without page refresh regardless of your stack.

Chromium devtools included

Your favorite DevTools extensions

Install and use your favorite devtools, with support for React DevTools, Vue.js DevTools, Redux DevTools, Angular, Svelte and many more.

Case study

How Red Pixel Themes develops three times faster with Polypane

"The biggest benefit we got by using Polypane was way shorter dev time. What we used to do in 1 hour in Chrome took 20 minutes in Polypane. It was that good."

Full case study

Polypane has hundreds of features:

Unlimited Viewports
Scroll Syncing
Hover Syncing
Grid Overlays
Unified Console
Keyboard Syncing
JSON Viewer
Device Presets
Freeform Resizing
Horizontal Overflow Detection
Developer Tools
Pixel-perfect Social Media Previews
Different Layout Modes
Device Emulation
Handoff Support
Live Reloading
Accessibility Audits
Custom Sessions
Page Outlines
Live CSS Editing
Color Blindness Simulators
Full Page Screenshots
Visual Design Diffing
Meta Data Overview
CSS Breakpoint Detection
Overview Screenshots
Unified Element Inspector
Touch Emulation
Automated Form Testing
Screenshot Editor
Web Vitals Inspector
Color Picker
Browser Extensions
Broken Link Checking
Share Links
Custom Headers
Dark Mode
…and more added monthly!

Developers and designers love Polypane

Here's what they have to say:

It is convenient seeing your work in multiple responsive views at the same time. Love it, 💯

Sara Soueidan Independent front-end UI engineer, Speaker/Trainer

This thing is FAST and the synchronized scrolling works amazingly. Prepare to be impressed.

Vivian Guillen Frontend Developer & Curator at Tailwind Weekly

Using Polypane and woah this is awesome! It’s really slick and fast! I was just 5 minutes in and I already fixed a bug.

Sergio Mattei Founder at Makerlog

Build Tailwind CSS sites. 5x as fast.

Polypane makes developing Tailwind CSS sites fast, easy and fun.

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