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A browser with smart tools to create and test responsive websites and apps twice as fast

Screenshot of the Polypane application
Screenshot of the Polypane application

Trusted by teams worldwide

Firstversionist creates software used by companies like:

Your favorite code editor and design software help you get work done.
So should your browser.

Stop resizing your browser

You can make your site or web app look great in one go with Polypane's side-by-side view of all devices. No resizing needed.

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Sync all your actions

Interacting with one device means interacting with all of them. It just works.

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Detect CSS breakpoints. Automatically

Polypane gives you insight into your CSS breakpoints like no other browser.

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Powerful devtools

Devtools like you're used to, with support for devtools extensions too.

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Live reloading built in

Your site updates with every change you make. CSS and images are updated without a page refresh, like magic.

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Light and dark modes

Polypane comes in a light and dark theme, so it always fits in with your desktop.

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True full page screenshots

You want best in class screenshots, and we have them. No one handles viewport units and fixed element as well as us.

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That's not all

With more features like different modes, layout debugging, customisable presets, workspace favorites and global zooming, Polypane offers everything you need.

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Build high quality websites in half the time

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On Mac, Windows & Linux

Polypane is easily one of the most useful tools for modern web designers and developers.

Stephen HayAuthor of Responsive Design Workflow

Polypane are building a smart design environment where you can preview your designs across a multitude of browsers, devices and viewports.

Colm TuiteCreator of Modulz

Discovering Polypane was a game-changer to how I develop responsive websites. I couldn't imagine going back to using the Chrome inspector.

Julian KeenaghanCTO at Beam

If you’re developing a website, Polypane comes in quite handy. Already an essential tool.

Roy van RooijenDesign Tools Network

An invaluable tool for responsive website testing. A must-have for front-end developers.

Marc BergerWeb Developer

Polypane quickly became an indispensable part of my workflow. With a tool like this, you have no excuse not to create great, responsive experiences!

Richard GoodwinDeveloper & Podcaster at Comedywham

A vital part of the web development toolkit for testing and troubleshooting responsive design.

John CamachoWeb Developer at Pixelstation

Trusted by teams worldwide

Firstversionist creates software used by companies like:

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