Stop resizing your browser

With Polypane, you can see your site in the full range of viewports it supports. Your panes can be resized by dragging, by selecting popular device presets or by using your own CSS breakpoints.

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Use popular device presets

Checking to see if your site or app renders well on user devices becomes easy and fast wiyh the built-in list of popular devices.

Switching between devices is easy and you can also create your own.

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Detect CSS breakpoints. Automatically

Use the CSS breakpoints in your style to automatically generate viewports for every view your site supports.

One click gives you a full overview of your CSS breakpoints, or a simplified view that covers the full range of your site.

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Live reloading built in

Your page will automatically refresh whenever you change a file. CSS and images are updated without a page refresh, like magic.

You can also automatically reload the page at a set interval and other hot reloading tools work great with Polypane too.

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One-click full page screenshots

Creating a screenshot of all your panes, a specific part of a page or the entire page takes just a single click.

Polypane's screenshots are best in class. No one handles viewport units and fixed element as well as us.

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Sync all your actions

Scrolling, clicks, navigation, hover styles and form input are automatically synced between all panes. Easily verify that your site works as intended on all viewports.

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Powerful developer tools

Polypane has your back when it comes to debugging your website, with powerful and modern Chromium devtools.

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Your favorite DevTools extensions

Install and use your favorite Chromium devtools, with support for React DevTools, Vue.js DevTools, Redux DevTools and many more.

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Layout debugging

Trying to fix a difficult layout bug? Toggle Layout debugging on and quickly find the element causing the issue.

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Focus mode

Use focus mode to work on a website with a single view center stage. Quickly resize the pane to try out different sizes or zoom out to show a 4K screen on your laptop.

With the quick switcher you can quickly change between CSS breakpoints or your selected panes.

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Light and dark modes

Polypane comes in a light and dark theme, so it always fits in with your desktop.

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Zoom your entire browser

Sometimes you just need to fit a 4K screen and an iPhone side by side. Zoom individual panes, or your entire browser, to get the view you need.

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And much more

  • Store your favorite pane sets in Workspaces
  • Customizable device presets
  • Clean UI mode for screencasts and demos
  • Layout stress-testing with random pane sizes
  • Tons of keyboard shortcuts
  • Reorder, resize and zoom individual panes
  • Size panes in pixels, or in EMs
  • Perfect with hot reloading tools
  • Monthly updates

Save time and catch bugs before your visitors do

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On Mac, Windows & Linux
Dockable devtools
Devtools extensions
Rotate devices
Device presets
Customisable device presets
Basic auth support and management
View site in multiple viewports----
Browser resizing not needed----
Synced scrolling----
Synced interactions----
Easy to add/remove panes----
Freeform panes----
Size panes in EMs----
Re-order panes----
Zoom to fit panes----
Breakpoint detection----
Layout stress testing----
CSS layout debugging----
Fullscreen mode
Focus mode----
Clean mode----
Full page screenshots
Viewport screenshots
Overview screenshots----
Hot reloading support
Live reloading built-in----
Basic auth support and management
Full documentation
Up to date rendering engine
Browser extension for Chrome----
Browser extension for Firefox----

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Save time and catch bugs before your visitors do.

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