Stop resizing your browser

Emulate real devices, use your CSS breakpoints or pick your own dimensions. No resizing needed.

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Get the full overview, your way

Line your viewports up horizontally or vertically, focus in on a single viewport in focus mode or get the classic browser style in our full mode. Your choice.

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Emulate popular devices

Checking to see if your site or app renders well on user devices becomes easy and fast with the built-in list of popular device emulators. With full touch support.

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Detect CSS breakpoints. Automatically

Use the CSS breakpoints in your stylesheets to automatically generate viewports for every view your site supports.

One click gives you a full overview of your CSS breakpoints, or a simplified view that covers the full range of your site.

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Sync all your actions

Scrolling, clicks, navigation, hover styles and form input are automatically synced between all panes. Easily verify that your site works as intended on all viewports.

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Build pixel perfect sites

Compare the expected design to your live page with different comparison modes built right in.

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* We think sites don't have to be pixel perfect but getting close is nice

Live reloading built in

Your page will automatically refresh whenever you change a file. CSS and images are updated without a page refresh, like magic.

You can also automatically reload the page at a set interval and other hot reloading tools work great with Polypane too.

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Full page screenshots

You want best in class screenshots, and we have them. No other browser comes close in terms of rendering accuracy. We also support screenshots of all your viewports.

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Powerful developer tools

Developer tools like you're used to from Chromium, with support for devtools extensions like React, Vue, Angular, Svelte and more.

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Your favorite DevTools extensions

Install and use your favorite Chromium devtools, with support for React DevTools, Vue.js DevTools, Redux DevTools, Angular, Svelte and many more.

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More than just responsive design tools

Over 15 overlays let you easily check contrast and accessibility, edit your page visually, test for visual impairments and more.

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Light and dark modes

Polypane comes in a light and dark theme, so it always fits in with your desktop.

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Zoom your entire browser

Sometimes you just need to fit a 4K screen and an iPhone side by side. Zoom individual panes, or your entire browser, to get the view you need.

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And so much more

  • Customizable device presets
  • Works perfectly with hot reloading tools
  • Clean UI mode for screencasts and demos
  • Powerful testing with custom HTTP headers
  • Layout stress-testing with random pane sizes
  • Tons of keyboard shortcuts
  • Reorder, resize and zoom individual panes
  • Store your favorite panes in Workspaces
  • Monthly updates

Building responsive websites is hard. Polypane makes it easy.

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On Mac, Windows & Linux

Used by teams worldwide

Photo of Kilian

Hi! I'm Kilian, the creator of Polypane.

Like you, I'm a web developer. In nearly 20 years of creating websites and apps for the web, I've built many open source apps and libraries. I write about them and other things that interest me on my blog.

I'm building my own browser.

Before I started doing that, I ran an internet agency. I constantly felt pressure from clients to develop sites faster and here I was, resizing my browser to work on each screen size one-by-one. I was wasting so much time just resizing my browser.

More than that, I saw many opportunities to make the process so much better, to make a browser that works for me instead of against me. So that is my goal: the ultimate browser for developers and designers. I hope you'll check out Polypane and help me make that a reality.

Polypane can easily cut your development time in half, and I'm just getting started.

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Building responsive websites is hard.
Polypane makes it easy.

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