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We are Blhack, an Italian software house. We develop tailor-made solutions for our customers' needs. Our technology stack is based on Ruby on Rails and React. We are also very active in the e-commerce ecosystem with our Shopify offer, ranging from custom Themes to Apps.

Blhack’s Challenges

Nowadays the expectations for the UI of a website or application are very high. To provide high quality products you always need to check that the interface is consistent at every device size. In addition, making sure that everything is accessible is an important but time consuming process.

Before Polypane we were developing one device resolution at a time, making sure to remember checking different device sizes after each new feature we implemented. Because of this manual re-checking, sometimes UI problems ended up in production before we could catch and fix them.

How Polypane helped

Alongside Polypane we tested a number of different products with more or less the same features. Out of all the available options we found Polypane to be the best one. It is competitively priced, has a very stable desktop application and is constantly updated with new features.

By using Polypane our development time is now 50% faster.

However, the real improvement comes from no longer missing UI problems and having to go back to fix them. We pride ourselves on always respecting deadlines, but when a UI problem was discovered we needed to stop what we were doing and rush to fix it, before being able to go back to the project we were working on.

layout debugging in Polypane.

ROI and future plans

Now with Polypane we are able to give our customers better UIs, thoroughly tested on every device and better delivery time, no more headaches on the small details. We can now deliver twice the websites we were doing before!

We are focusing a lot on custom development in Ruby on Rails by also creating Apps for the Shopify ecosystem. We want to be the one stop shop for our customers needs and provide our customers with all the knowledge and resources they need for their business.

Learn more about Blhack on their website and their custom Shopify template made with Polypane.

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