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Hi, I'm Kilian. I'm the solo developer of Polypane. Let me tell you about why Polypane is a subscription, and what that means for the roadmap.

Polypane is a subscription so that I can focus on adding new features continuously and get them in your hands earlier, instead of hoarding them up and having big new releases that you'll have to re-purchase. I think this is the best model for everyone using Polypane and it also makes it more sustainable for me as a creator.

For the roadmap, this means that I can focus on features that users will benefit the most from and actually adjust based on your feedback. Features such as the scroll syncing came out of this process, it has been immensely useful.

For the coming year, we have a couple of different themes on the roadmap:

  1. Providing more insight into your site structures,
  2. Integration with other development and design tools,
  3. Sharing and cooperation.

We also have tons and tons of smaller features planned and we'll release them as we go.

Updates will be released continuously with major versions roughly every quarter. Major updates include rendering engine updates and bigger features. Minor updates with feature improvements and bug fixes will be released as-needed (probably every month or so.)

If you have any questions or suggestions for me, let me know via the support page or chat with me directly in the bottom right corner of the site.

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