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Together with James Q Quick Kilian showcased how Polypane can be used to find issues and suggest improvements on a live website.

During the livestream Kilian and James went through his new portfolio site and checked what parts Polypane flagged for improvement, and discussed how those improvements could be made.

It was great to deep dive into a real website and show how Polypane can be used to improve it. There are a ton of different aspects that make a great website great, and James was already doing a lot of things right. But there were also some things that could be improved, and It was a lot of fun to show how Polypane was able to help with that.

The livestream was a really insightful way of learning how to use Polypane, and we hope to do more of these in the future. If you'd like to see us do more livestreams, please let us know!

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