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You're probably looking at this site in Google Chrome or Firefox. That's fine, that's exactly what they're for: browsing the web, and being really, really good at browsing the web. They're built for that. They're built for searching things and streaming videos and for sharing funny cat videos.

But they're not built for web development. Not really.

And that's kind of weird.

You're not using a pdf editor or a word processor to write code, you use a text editor or even an IDE that's filled to the brim with features that make you a better developer. You're designing in tools that are specifically made for UI design, not drawing pixels in MS Paint or tools made to edit photo's (right?) So why is your browser not also an highly-optimised tool that makes you more efficient and better at your job?

Simply, modern browsers are built to consume the web, not create the web. With Polypane, we're changing that. Polypane is a browser where, for every feature, every bit of design and every bit of code, we figure out how we can make you better and more efficient at your job.

And we think we're doing a pretty good job.

Polypane is the only browser that lets you develop a website for all viewports and devices at once, and gives you the best overview of them. It's the only browser that has built-in features like breakpoint detection, css layout debugging and multi-pane screenshots. All these features help you get more done, faster.

What about devtools?

Devtools are awesome, there's no denying that. That's why Polypane ships with the same powerful devtools as Chromium.

For consumer browsers, devtools are a tacked-on piece of software. They're in the browser but they're not really part of the browser. We think devtools can extend way beyong the right side or bottom part of your browser. With Polypane, your browser is the devtool.

Stop resizing your browser

When you start using Polypane, even if you're not using any of the previously mentioned functions, you're already speeding up your workflow and being more efficient. You're no longer doing the single most-used action by developers: resizing their browser.

Just switching to Polypane means your days of wiggling the right side of your browser (or opening devtools) just to resize a page, are over.

Thats because in Polypane, you're always in responsive mode. You're also always in full-screen mode. Using Polypane gives you the full overview. Read more about Polypane's benefits.

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