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Automatic panes

Click the preview in Polypane button in Hype to automatically create panes in Polypane from your viewport sizes.

Refresh existing tabs

Click the preview button again and Polypane focuses and reloads your existing tab, even if you've made changes to that tab.

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Setup instructions

How to use Tumult Hype with Polypane.

Step 1: Click the preview button in Hype.

If your preview button doesn't yet show Polypane, click the down arrow and select Polypane from the list. This will set Polypane as your default preview browser and open Polypane.

The Hype application with the preview button highlighted

Step 2: Polypane shows your project in all your layouts.

The layouts you configured in Tumult Hype are now opened as panes in Polypane, so you can test all layouts in one overview.

You can edit these panes how you like (add rulers, debug tools, or even add and removes panes), and the next time you preview from Hype, Polypane will reload the pages but keep the edits you made to the panes.

Polypane showing the panes imported from Hype

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