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Find out how many minutes it takes Polypane to be worth it.
And how many hours you can expect to save.

Polypane costs just 0.50 per workday*. Is your time worth it?

* 0.45 for a yearly and 0.55 for a monthly subscription, based on 20 workdays per month.

per hour
Realist: Polypane will help you work twice as fast like Sean, Jarod, Jai and many others.

You break even after 11 minutes saved.

You save 40 hours each month for fun stuff!

That's worth $2,400, or 267 months of Polypane.

Most companies cover tooling expenses.

Use our example letter to ask your manager for a Polypane subscription.

Build your next project with Polypane

  • Use all features on all plans
  • On Mac, Window and Linux
  • 14-day free trial – no credit card needed
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