We are super proud to announce that Polypane is now part of the GitHub Student Developer Pack. Eligible students get free access to Polypane for a year and can sign up starting today by authenticating with GitHub here: Polypane for GitHub students.

Our mission at Polypane is to improve the workflow of designers and developers. We do that by offering a world-class development browser that includes the tools you need to develop, debug and test websites and web apps. Polypane nudges you in the right direction and makes things that are difficult to find out normally easily discoverable with a single click. Questions like 'does my site work on all mobile devices?' 'Are all my meta tags correct?' 'Is my design actually accessible?' are easily answered with Polypane.

We are really excited to team up with GitHub to make Polypane accessible to students just starting out on their journey to become web developers and designers and we think Polypane will be a great help as they learn to make websites and web applications that work everywhere and for everyone.

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