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Update 1th aug 2019: Polypane 1.1.1 is now available with the following bugfixes:

  • Fix: zoom-to-fit on Windows (it got broken in 1.1, sorry!)
  • Improvement: better breakpoint detection for certain sites
  • Improvement: warning for browsersync is hidden if Polypane's scroll sync is turned off
  • Fix: localhost now accepts self-signed certificates silently
  • Fix: Polypane now overwrites the max connections of devservers on localhost (useful with e.g. Gatsby)
  • Fix: Windows builds are now also signed :)

Polypane 1.1

1.1 is the first major release after our launch in the middle of May. It's filled with new features, improvements and bugfixes.

Devtools mode and Devtools extension support

Devtools mode is now the normal mode in Polypane.

Polypane has a new Devtools mode that lets you use your favorite devtools extensions like the React and Vue devtools. You can install them right from inside Polypane using the new Devtools Extensions manager.

Because the pane in Devtools mode is completely isolated from the rest of Polypane, you can now also run your Lighthouse Audits in it!

HTTP Basic Auth support

Many of you are using staging websites that have HTTP Basic Auth in front of them for security. Polypane 1.1 will show a modal to enter the username and password for these sites, and then remember them for the rest of the session, or if you want, permanently.

More on HTTP Basic Auth


With workspaces you can store and retrieve your favorite configuration of panes. You can have a workspace for your mobile devices, for a 'quick check' or whatever else you want.

In this release, workspaces have been intentionally kept simple so we can learn from how it's being used and use that to improve the feature in future releases.

More on Workspaces

Focus mode improvements

Focus mode is a great way to hone in on a single pane, but that doesn't mean you should have to give up using your CSS Breakpoints or the pane sizes you prefer using in the default mode. That's why Focus mode (and Devtools mode) now have a quick switcher at the top of the screen that lets you quickly resize the pane to any of your default mode pane sizes (this works with workspaces too!) or from the CSS breakpoints in the page.

We also made changes to how Focus mode behaves when you resize the pane. When the pane gets resized to wider than the screen, it will automatically be zoomed out to fit. This works when switching to a different pane size, but also when dragging to resize.

More on Focus mode

Addons for other browsers

You're probably not using Polypane as your daily browser, but what if you want to open the current tab in Polypane? We created browser addons for Chrome and Firefox that let you do that with a single click. Quickly open the current tab in Polypane and get developing!

More on Addons for other browsers

Clean mode: hiding the header

Space is at a premium on most people's screens and when you're working on your own site in Polypane, you probably don't need the header so much. In Polypane 1.1 you can quickly hide the header via the main menu or a shortcut, giving you a bunch more space and letting you really focus on your project.

More on Clean mode

Other improvements

Developer ergonomics matter a lot to us, as you can imagine. So we have a ton of smaller improvements too:

  • A new shortcut to rotate all panes.
  • Each pane now has a clear 'rotate pane' button in the pane preset overlay.
  • Shift ctrl/cmd C support for 'inspect element'.
  • Now associated as viewer for HTML and HTM files, and can be used on mac with open {url} -a "Polypane".
  • We detect browsersync running and will warn you about their scroll sync.
  • Zoom in/out now also works in your devtools.
  • Undocked devtools will be brought forward/get focus when you use inspect element.
  • Tweaked desktop/laptop screen sizes.

There's always bugs in software, especially in v1, so we fixed a bunch of those too:

  • The device preset overlay is now also visible when the panes are displaying an error message.
  • The notification bar is no longer visible on very narrow widths.
  • Panes that have no height specified can no longer be rotated.
  • Context menus are now cleared correctly, instead of just made invisible.
  • Fixed the support links in the license flow.
  • Random pane shortcut now works again in Focus mode.
  • Added missing tooltips to pane headers

Getting Polypane 1.1

On Windows and mac, Polypane will automatically update to 1.1. You'll recieve an update notification and after a restart you should have 1.1. For Linux users, you will need to download the new version from the download page.

You can also get the addons for Chrome and Firefox from the download page.

I hope you enjoy this release!

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