Workspaces allow you to save your favorite sets of panes and switch quickly between them. For example, you can have your device lab saved in one workspace, and your desktop sizes in another. Polypane comes with a default set of workspaces based on popular device sizes and CSS frameworks.

You can manage your workspaces by using the Workspace management panel. This will show you a visual overview of your workspaces and let you save, restore, import and export them.

Each of your custom workspaces come with a number, 1 through 9, that make it easy to save and restore them with a keyboard shortcut. To save your current set of panes into a workspace, press shift ctrl/cmd 1-9 where the number is the workspace you want to save it to. To retrieve a workspace, press ctrl/cmd 1-9.

Workspaces based on Google analytics

The best dimensions to use are the ones that are actually used by your visitors, so we created a small online tool that will let you generate a workspace from your most used browser dimensions according to Google Analytics.

Visit it here: Workspace creator

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