Workspaces allow you to save your favorite sets of panes and switch quickly between them. For example, you can have your device lab saved in one workspace, and your desktop sizes in another.

There are 9 available slots to save workspaces in. To save your current set of panes into a workspace, press shift ctrl/cmd 1-9 where the number is the workspace you want to save it to.

To retrieve a workspace, press ctrl/cmd 1-9. Note that changes will not be saved to the workspace unless you explicitly do so.

You can also find the workspaces in the Polypane (Mac) or File (Windows and Linux) menu.

First iteration

We added the first iteration of this in Polypane 1.1. This first iteration is kept simple, with no UI to see an overview of your workspaces yet. We will improve this feature as we learn more abut how people use it.

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