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Creating websites with prefers-reduced-data

8 min read. Posted on July 6, 2021

Even though more and more people get access to the internet every day, not all of them have fast gigabit connections or unlimited data. Using the media query prefers-reduced-data we can keep our sites accessible to…

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Fixing contrast issues, on your own site and elsewhere

2 min read. Posted on June 8, 2021

Insufficient text contrast is the most common accessibility issue on websites today. According to the WebAIM Million report for 2021 , 86.4% of home pages world wide have low contrast text. What's worse, this number has…

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A11y tooling in Polypane (video)

1 min read. Posted on June 7, 2021

On May 25th Kilian Valkhof (the creator of Polypane) joined the Twitch channel of Stephanie Eckles to walk through most of the accessibility options in Polypane. Check out the recording below: If you prefer reading…

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Polypane 6.1: Readability, Content Chaos and rewritten event sync engine

4 min read. Posted on June 1, 2021

Polypane 6.1 adds two new debug tools and a much more performant, completely rewritten interaction syncing engine along with numerous smaller improvements and bug fixes. What's Polypane? Polypane is a web browser for…

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The perfect responsive menu (2021)

2 min read. Posted on May 30, 2021

On a desktop, websites have the space to show the full menu or navbar. On a mobile device that space isn't there and you want to hide the menu behind a toggle (like a hamburger icon), then show it when people click that…

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Device testing is not enough

3 min read. Posted on May 27, 2021

When you get started with responsive design, you wouldn't be wrong to think it's all about devices. Questions like "which size to use for mobile" quickly come up, and most testing is done on developers' own devices…

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Polypane 6: Peek, Webvitals, new simulators & Chromium 91

8 min read. Posted on May 12, 2021

Polypane 6 is now available! It's another packed release with new features, simulators, performance improvements and a new version of Chromium powering it all. Read on to learn about all the cool new things we have for…

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Don't you forget about me: overlooked breakpoints in responsive design.

3 min read. Posted on April 23, 2021

We get it, there's infinite breakpoints you need to test on and only so much hours in a day, so some breakpoints just get a little more attention than others. You focus most of your time on the devices you have. At…

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How to find broken links with Polypane

6 min read. Posted on April 12, 2021

Broken links, or "dead links", on your website are links that go to a URL that doesn't work. Sometimes this is because the site you're linking to has gone offline or has a server error, sometimes it's because there is a…

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Polypane 5.1: Web components support

3 min read. Posted on April 1, 2021

Polypane 5.1 introduces support for web components across the application, many improvements to the Outline panel and Contrast checker. There an updates to the Chromium version, Google fonts list and accessibility…

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Checking webpage quality in 5 minutes with Polypane

8 min read. Posted on March 29, 2021

In this article we'll check the quality of a web page in about 5 minutes, from meta info to accessibility. Polypane has many features that make it easy to see different parts of your site, inspect them for issues and it…

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Polypane 5: Console popups, performance and focus overview

8 min read. Posted on March 4, 2021

Polypane 5 is out with new ways to see your console messages, new performance settings and a new focus order overview. It has a new Chromium version (89), many performance improvements, updated UI elements and new debug…

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