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Intro to panel

The Polypane panel contains a number of tabs with different functionality. You can toggle it open with shift ctrl/cmd p, from the "View" menu or by clicking the side panel icon in the header. Drag the side of the panel to resize. The panel icon in the top right of the panel can be used to toggle between having the panel on the right side of the window, or the bottom of the window.

The panel has tools for different stages of your website/app development process.

Info tab

The info tab has panels that give you information about the structure and contents of your website.

Meta information

The Meta information panel gives you insights into the non-visual aspects of your website and generates social media previews.


The Outline tab shows you the HTML5 outline of your page, along with the elements used. It will highlight sectional elements that do not have a clear title.


Easily see your localStorage and cookies and edit their values in this panel.


Check your page for accessibility issues.


Show the generated HTML source.

Edit tab

The edit tab will let you change the contents and design of your page.


The elements panel lets you select and edit the content, style and attributes of elements in all panes at once.


The Polypane console is a combined console that lets you read console messages and send console commands in all panes at once.

Live CSS

With the Live CSS functionality in Polypane you can quickly style elements in all panes at once.


The devtools panel is available in Isolate pane mode and lets you switch between the devtools for each pane.

Browse tab

Handoff gives you quick access to various handoff tools or lets you browse to any website you want.

Workspaces tab

Manage and switch between your saved workspaces.

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