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Share panel

Polypane registers the polypane:// protocol on your device which lets other programs open links in Polypane directly. This protocol also supports sending along panes. Various integrations make use of this feature, but different tools on our website do as well, like our workspace generator.

Share panel

When you hover over the address bar in Polypane a QR code icon will appear to the right. Click this to open Polypane's Share panel. Here you can find QR codes for regular links or for Polypane links. Scan them with another device, copy the link or download the QR code for later sharing

Regular links are great to share URLs with your mobile devices. When Polypane detects you have a local URL opened it will automatically replace that with your internal IP so it can be opened by other devices on your network.

Polypane links are like regular links, but they're more powerful and they're perfect to share your workspace with the rest of your team.

Pane Sizes
You can check "include pane sizes" to send along your current list of panes. Note that this feature needs the recipient to also use Polypane 7 or higher.

Websafe URL
Instead of using the polypane:// protocol, this will use a special opener URL (similar to e.g. Zoom) that uses the Polypane HTTPS website to open Polypane. Because this is an HTTPS URL it will be recognized as a URL in more places, and will be easier to share and click.

When you have a local server running, you can use the Portal feature to share it through Polypane. Use the Portal QR code to quickly share that link with others. When opening a Portal for your network only, Polypane will automatically use the internal IP address of your device like it does for Regular links.


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