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Horizontal overflow detection

Polypane will automatically check panes for horizontal overflow issues and show an icon below a pane when it finds either a horizontal scroll, or an element with 100vw.

Horizontal Overflow

When a horizontal overflow is detected the icon will be yellow.

The horizontal overflow icon.

Click on it to turn on layout debugging which will highlight the overflow-causing element in red so you can find it quickly:


When the page layout is set to 100vw, the icon will be blue, and clicking on it will open the elements panel with the detected element selected.

100vw will trigger a horizontal scrollbar on devices that render scrollbars, something that is easy to miss if you're on for example macOS.

The horizontal overflow icon for a 100vw layout.

Strategies for dealing with horizontal overflows

Read more about overflow issues in our article dealing with horizontal overflows.


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