Synced interactions

Polypane syncs most interactions between all panes.

Mouse interactions

Hover and click interactions are synchronised between panes. This means you will see the hover effect in each pane, and click interactions that trigger focus or open a menu are applied everywhere.

The hover synchronisation can not fully simulate a mouse hover, so there are rules that are not applied: CSS rules that change child or pseudo elements of hovered elements are currently not applied, and thus won't be shown.

Mouse clicks are fully simulated. This means that any mouse-triggered focus is also applied on all panes. Due to the asynchronous nature, your focus will probably shift from the current pane when interacting with forms.

Keyboard interactions

Key presses are synchronised between panes, so that any shortcuts you may have on a page will be triggered in all panes.

Scroll syncing

The scroll position in panes is synced automatically, and you can toggle it on and off using the button in the address bar or by pressing cmd/ctrl o

Form filling

Interacting with forms is synced between panes. Anything typed into an input or textarea or any selection made in a select, radio or checkbox is automatically applied in the other panes too.

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