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Manage panes

In horizontal and vertical layouts you can have as many of them as you need. In focus mode, you get a single pane in the center of your view.

Adding and removing panes

Removing and adding panes can be done directly from the workspace. To add a pane, you can:

  • Press the "+" button at the end of the panes. (You can hide this in the Global setting menu in the top right of the app.)
  • Double click anywhere between panes to add a pane there.
  • Right click between panes and select "Add pane here".
  • Press ctrl/cmd n to add one on the beginning of the list.

Polypane will automatically scroll the newest pane into view.

To delete a pane, hover over its title and a small x will appear in the top left corner of a pane. Click it to delete the pane.

Duplicate a pane

You can duplicate a pane by using the "+" button that appears when you hover over the header of a pane. This will copy all the settings of the current pane (width, height, emulation settings and more) and add it as a new pane directly after the current one.

Changing the order of panes

You can change the order of panes by using the arrows in the header of each pane. Hover over the header to show them. Clicking an arrow switches the pane with the one next to it. If you hold shift while clicking, you switch with the first or last pane.

Opening a pane in focus mode

Each pane has a crosshair icon in the top left of the pane header, which will let you open that pane in focus mode.


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