Pane management

Removing and adding panes is easy in Polypane and can be done directly in the interface. To add a pane, you can either double click anywhere between panes to add a pane there, or press ctrl/cmd n or ctrl/cmd t to add one on the left.

To delete a pane, hover over its title and a small x will appear in the top left corner of a pane. Click it to delete the pane.

If you want to stress-test your website, press shift ctrl/cmd n or shift ctrl/cmd t to add a new pane with a random width and height.

You can switch panes by using the arrows in the header of each pane. Hover over the header to show them. Clicking an arrow switches the pane with the one next to it. If you have shift pressed while clicking, you switch with the first or last pane.

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