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Making screenshots

Polypane lets you make screenshots of all your panes together, the visible viewport of a single pane, or the full height of a single pane.

All panes

Click the camera icon ( ) in the address bar or press cmd/ctrl p to create a screenshot of all your panes. Screenshots are generated off-screen, so you can continue to use Polypane while a screenshot is generated in the background. A notification will let you know that it's generating a new screenshot, and a popup will let you save it to your file system.

Viewport and full page screenshots

In each pane header you will also find a camera icon ( ) to create a single-pane screenshot. If you click it two options will appear: one for full page and one for the viewport.

Viewport will create a screenshot for what you see in the current pane, scroll position included, whereas full page will create a screenshot of the entire length of the page. These screenshots are generated directly in the UI, so include the debug tools applied to them as well.

Full page screenshot are generally much better than other browsers.

Screenshot editing

After a screenshot is made, the editing interface appear. It lets you annotate, redact and crop the image before saving it, powered by Pintura.

After you're happy, save the image to disk (in the last used folder, or in a folder of your choice) or copy to clipboard. Once you've saved the image, click the notification and the folder where you saved the image is opened.


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