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Form autofill

When working with forms, filling them in every time can take a lot of time even when the content is synced across panes. To help with this, Polypane contains two form filling features:

  • Autofilling for an entire form.
  • Custom form values that you can copy in from the context menu to test form handling.

Autofilling for an entire form

When right-clicking any form an "Autofill form" option is shown in the context menu. This feature will fill in appropriate values for all form elements in the form. This will help you quickly fill in forms when testing them.

Polypane tries to fill in valid, appropriate values like email addresses, dates, colors, autofill values or the placeholder or element name when that's not possible.

To quickly clear or empty a form you can right click it and select "clear form" instead.

Custom form values

Testing forms doesn't just encompass autofilling it, but also testing with different values to check data handling, errors and more. For this we have the "Custom values" option.

When right-clicking a form element that takes content (input or textarea) you can select from a large list of values like valid and invalid email addresses, names with unicode, credit card numbers (and associated CSV and date values), HTML and CSS injection, lorem ipsum and much more.

Reveal Password

Right-click any password field to show a "Reveal password" context menu option that lets you toggle between showing and hiding the password. This feature also works in the browse panel


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