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Meta information

The "Meta" tab in the Info panel shows a site's metadata as well as social card previews. Get a quick overview of the way your site is interpreted by bots and shown in rich snippets.

Site meta information

Polypane highlights some of the more important meta information, like title, favicon, viewport declaration, canonical url, description and charset, and divides the rest up in different lists: Open graph tags, Twitter tags, Oembed info, Other meta tags and Icons.

For all meta tags you can copy a fully formed HTML string using the "copy" icon that appears when you hover over them. Polypane will fill in reasonable defaults for missing values.


Polypane will give you recommendations for your title and description, warn you of invalid values, missing but recommended values, and highlight any duplicate meta tags.

Rich snippets/social card previews

social media previews for Doka

Polypane automatically generates previews for the following:

  • Twitter card
  • Facebook card
  • Slack preview
  • Linkedin card
  • Discord card
  • Telegram
  • Google search result

All of them in both Dark and Light mode. These previews match the actual way they are displayed on each of these sites, using the available data in the same way each social media site does.

They are both pixel perfect and character perfect, meaning that the text that fits in them will render the same, so you can be 100% sure that your meta previews look the same on the live social media site and in Polypane.


When your site has a robots.txt, Polypane downloads and parses it, then checks if the current URL is blocked by any of the defined User-agents, and if you use declarations known to not be supported by any of the specified User-agents.


When your site has a web app manifest file we'll parse and display its contents so you can check if they are as you expect them. If you added a theme color it is displayed in the general overview as well.

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