Device presets

Polypane comes with a robust set of pane preset in four different categories: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop and Other.

If you want different categories, or different presets, you can overwrite the file with a custom set of presets. This file is loaded on startup. If it contains errors, the default file is used.

To use a custom preset list, save a file called pane-sizes (no extension) in this directory (differs per OS)

  • Windows: %APPDATA%/Polypane/
  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Polypane/
  • Linux: ~/.config/Polypane/

A copy of this file can be found here: pane-sizes for you to download and edit. You can add as many groups as you want (so you could split 'Mobile' into 'iOS' and 'Android' if you wanted to).

Each group has a array of children, children have a key (the name), a width and a height in pixels and an optional "zoom" value. the boolean supportsOrientation determines if orientation should be taken into account for this group.

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