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Reference image

The reference image feature lets you overlay an image on top of a pane, or show it side by side. With this you can quickly compare a site to the design or to earlier screenshots to detect visual regressions.

Add a reference image by clicking the icon in a pane header.

Once you've selected an image, the pane will automatically resize to the width of the reference image.

From here, select if you want to show the image overlaid on the site, or side by side, and set an X and Y offset to position the image where you need it.

Overlaid Image

With the image overlaid, you can fade between the image and the site, or set the "show differences" option to highlight just the differences.

Side-by-side image

With the image shown to the side of the pane you can disable the synced scrolling between them, and scroll each part individually.

If a reference image is active, the icon will show a blue dot.


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