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Workspace management

The "Workspaces" tab in the panel gives you a visual overview of your workspaces and lets you save and restore. You can name your workspaces to keep them apart.

Default workspaces

In the default workspaces tab we have listed some often-used workspaces like device lab or just iOS devices, default breakpoints for popular CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Tailwind and Bulma and a workspace with the most used sizes world wide.

screenshot of the 9 default workspaces in Polypane

Custom workspaces

Custom workspaces let you store your current set of panes for later use.

Click on an empty workspace to save the current set of panes to it (or click the same icon to overwrite).

For workspaces, click on them to apply it to your current set of panes.

Each workspace will show a visualization of the panes in it, a number (That you can use to quickly switch to it: press cmd/ctrl + the number), a place to give the workspace a name, and a set of icons. The first icon will replace the current set of panes with the chosen workspace (just like clicking the visualization). The second will add the workspace to the current tab.

Importing and exporting

Click the three-dot icon to show import and export buttons, as well as the empty button. When you export a workspace they get stored as a .ppws file that you can share. Import this .ppws file to load/overwrite a workspace.


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