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Polypane integrates with several applications and tools.

Pane integrations

The puzzle piece icon above each pane contains the pane integrations, third party applications you can run in the context of your pane. Currently, we support Toybox Systems.

Toybox Systems

Fill in your username and API key (which you can find under your account settings), then activate Toybox for the current pane.

Polypane will automatically load the Toybox plugin in the panel, allowing you to see and add, review and comment on screenshots and issues right from inside the pane.

Setup instructions.

Connect to, select your destination and activate for the current pane. Polypane will automatically load the capture UI into the pane, allowing you to capture the page or parts of the page, mark them up and add details and then send them to your selected documentation, right from the pane.

Setup instructions.

Integrated tools

Polypane can also integrate with other tools, like Tumult Hype and Whisk.

Code editors and IDE's

Polypane supports opening the app and new tabs with most 'open in browser' features or plugins for VS Code, Atom, Webstorm, Whisk and Hype and other code editors and IDE's. Depending on the plugin, Polypane will be automatically recognized or you can add it like any other browser.

When Polypane is not yet open, it will be launched and if it's already running, 'open in browser' will open a new tab in Polypane for you.

Tumult Hype

When you preview your design by clicking the 'preview' button in Hype and selecting Polypane, it will automatically open the viewports you've specified in Hype so you get the full overview with just a single click. If you click the preview button again Polypane focuses and reloads your existing tab, even if you've made changes to that tab.

Find more information on the Tumult Hype blog: Hype and Polypane

Google Analytics

Polypane can create workspaces based on your own Google Analytics data, so you can test sites in the sizes that are used the most by your actual visitors.

To create a Google Analytics workspace, go to our Create workspace page, log in with Google and select the Google Analytics profile you want to create panes for. Set your preferred number of panes, sorting and export your Polypane workspace file. You can import it in the Workspace panel.

Got suggestions?

We'd love to implement with more tools. If you want to integrate with Polypane, or know of a tool we should integrate, please reach out.

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