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Command line options

Polypane has a few command line options.

Opening URLS

You can start Polypane with a URL as the first argument to open that url:

$ polypane

On MacOs you can use:

$ open -a "Polypane"`


To reload the currently active tab, call Polypane with the --reload flag:

$ polypane --reload

This will focus the Polypane window as well. If Polypane is not open yet, it will just launch Polypane

Prevent focus

You can start Polypane with -g to prevent it from focusing on launch.

$ polypane -g

Combine this with --reload to reload the currently active tab without also focusing Polypane.

$ polypane -g --reload

Use this to hook into your own live reload workflow.

Remote debugging

You can start Polypane with --remote-debugging-port to enable remote debugging.

This will open a port that you can connect to with Chrome Devtools or IDEs that support remote debugging, like VSCode and WebStorm.

$ polypane --remote-debugging-port=9222

Learn how to set up WebStorm here: Configuring WebStorm to work with Polypane.

Some tools might create a new user directory when starting a remote debugging session. This is currently not supported by Polypane.

Looking for more command line options?

Let us know your ideas and we'll see if we can add them in!


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