Known issues

These are the known issues in terms of support for various browser capabilities. In future versions some of these might be resolved.


Because Polypane works with panes, by default all popups are disabled. With Isolated panes on, popups are allowed but are not synced between panes.


To show pages in multiple panes within the same window, Polypane does not adhere to Content Security Policies and is therefore not recommended to be used for regular web browsing.

Shortcuts for non-qwerty keyboards on Mac

Unfortunately, keyboard shortcuts on Mac assume a qwerty layout so won't work well in e.g. a Dvorak or Azerty layout, due to a bug in one of the lower level systems Polypane uses. We're actively working towards a solution for this.


Polypane's implementation of history.replaceState does not yet follow the specification and will add an entry into your history list.

SSO/redirecting logins do not always work correctly

SSO logins like those of Google or Microsoft don't always work correctly in a multi-pane environment. Switching to isolate pane mode and logging in in full browser mode or focus mode usually works, afterward you can use multiple panes again and will be logged in there.

Isolate panes is in beta

Isolate panes has a few known issues: On some systems, enabling touch in a pane will disable all hover indicators until the next restart. Additionally, the pane-specific devtools sometimes get detached from the pane. If this is the case, you will need to close and re-open the devtools.

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