Known issues

These are the known issues in terms of support for various browser capabilities. In future versions some of these might be resolved.


Because Polypane works with panes, by default all popups are disabled. With Isolated panes on, popups are allowed but are not synced between panes.

Content security policies (CSP)

To show pages in multiple panes within the same window, Polypane does not adhere to Content Security Policies and is therefore not recommended to be used for regular web browsing.

Dragging window with devtools open on Mac

On Mac, you can't drag the window when devtools are open. This is an unfortunate bug in Electron that's hard to solve. You can either close the devtools if you want to drag, or detach them.

There is a workaround available: if you hover over the top edge of the window such that a resize cursor appears and then click + drag horizontally, you can continue dragging it in any direction and position it where you want.

Shortcuts for non-qwerty keyboards on Mac

Unfortunately, keyboard shortcuts on Mac assume a qwerty layout so won't work well in e.g. a Dvorak or Azerty layout, due to a bug in one of the lower level systems Polypane uses. We're actively working towards a solution for this.


Polypane's implementation of history.replaceState does not yet follow the specification and will add an entry into your history list.

SSO/oAuth/redirecting logins do not always work correctly

SSO and oAuth logins like those of Google or Microsoft don't always work correctly in a multi-pane environment. Switching to isolate pane mode and using full browser mode or focus mode usually works in these situations. An easy way is to use the side browser to log in.

Polypane will show a popup if it detects an SSO login and suggest to do this for you.

Because all panes share a session, you will be logged in in all of them.

Frameworks with CSRF protection

Because Polypane shows a site in multiple panes at the same time, any framework that uses unique tokens per request is going to have an issue dealing with multiple panes with different tokens.

This means for example that frameworks like Django or Laravel will give an error in Polypane. Django will give you a CSRF token error and Laravel will return a 419 error.

If you want to log into either of these frameworks, or encounter similar issues with other frameworks, you can easily solve them by:

  • Switching to Isolate Pane mode
  • Switching to Full mode or Focus mode (so a single pane is visible)
  • Logging in there

Polypane will show a popup if it detects a CSRF token on the page and suggest to do this for you.

After you've done this, the session will be shared with all panes so you can switch back to multiple panels and turn Isolate panes off again. You'll be logged in on all panes and use Polypane as normal.

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