Known issues

These are the known issues in terms of support for various browser capabilities. In future versions some of these might be resolved.


Because Polypane works with panes, all popups are disabled.


To show pages in multiple panes within the same window, Polypane does not adhere to Content Security Policies and is therefore not recommended to be used for regular web browsing.

User agent sniffing

Though Polypane mimics the viewports of devices, it does not mimic the user agent of these devices. Scripts depending on user agent sniffing will thus not work with Polypane. Browser sniffing or user agent sniffing is discouraged in general, and it's better to rely on feature detection instead.

Shortcuts for non-qwerty keyboards on Mac

Unfortunately, keyboard shortcuts on Mac assume a qwerty layout so won't work well in e.g. a Dvorak or Azerty layout, due to a bug in one of the lower level systems Polypane uses. We're actively working towards a solution for this.


Polypane's implementation of history.replaceState does not yet follow the specification and will add an entry into your history list.

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