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Known issues

These are the known issues in terms of support for various browser capabilities. In future versions some of these might be resolved.

Login issues

Polypane loads and executes actions in all panes at the same time. That means when you log in with multiple panes, you do multiple login attempts in close succession. Some servers will invalidate earlier logins and forward you back to the login page, making it seem like you can't log in when using Polypane.

To work around this, switch to the focus layout, or log in using the browse panel, then switch back to your multi-pane layout.


Popups are allowed but are not synced between panes.

Shortcuts for non-qwerty keyboards on Mac

Unfortunately, keyboard shortcuts on Mac assume a qwerty layout so won't work well in e.g. a Dvorak or Azerty layout, due to a bug in Electorn, which Polypane uses. We're actively working towards a solution for this.


Polypane's implementation of history.replaceState does not yet follow the specification and will add an entry into your history list.

color-scheme support

Polypane will automatically update the text and background color when it detects color-scheme: dark on page load, but will not update this after.

Broken Chromium devtools

Sometimes the Chromium devtools lose their connection to your pane, which will show itself as the elements panel no longer showing the correct DOM structure.

When this happens, reloading the devtools reestablishes the connection. Click the reload button in the devtools toolbar to do this.

macOS visual artifacts

Sometimes macOS will display weird artifacts over the UI, this is a known issue in the Chromium rendering engine. To work around this you can disable hardware emulation from the "view" menu.


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