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Experimental Chromium features

Polypane is a browser for developers, so it comes with some experimental Chromium features turned on by default. This means you can use Polypane to try out upcoming features before they make their way into regular browsers!

Enabled features


Prefers reduced data is a new media query that lets visitors signal they want to preserve data. You can emulate it in Polypane by going to the emulation section above a pane and toggling "prefers-reduced-data" to "reduce".

We wrote an article about what you can do with prefers-reduced-data, read that here: Creating websites with prefers-reduced-data.


The <selectmenu> element is an experiment to provide a more customizable select element, with a stylable interface and options.

Spelling and grammar pseudo selectors

Use ::spelling-error and ::grammar-error to style text that the browser has flagged as containing spelling or grammar errors. Not all CSS properties are available for these styles.

Custom Highlight API

Use :highlight() and the CSS.highlights JS API to highlight arbitrary parts of a websites content.

CSS Relative Colors

Build new colors from existing ones by using the "from" syntax.

Scripting media feature

@media (scripting: none) { ... } lets you target users that have JavaScript disabled, for example when using the "Disable JS" debug tool.

View transitions on navigation

Use transition: view-transition to animate the transition between pages (requires a meta tag)

CSS Anchor Positioning

With anchor positioning you can define the fallback rules to where popovers should open in relation to their anchor element.

CSS System Accent Color

use the systems accent color on your site.

CSS Exponential Functions

Use exponential functions in your CSS calculations.


Have suggestions for things you want enabled in Polypane? Let us know.


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