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Experimental Chromium features

Polypane is a browser for developers, so it comes with some experimental Chromium features turned on by default.

This way you can use Polypane to try out upcoming features before they make their way into regular browsers!

Enabled features


With the accent-color CSS property you can set the color of native input elements like checkboxes and radio buttons. Polypane uses it to blend these in with the rest of the UI as well!

Container queries

Container queries using the @container (min-width:20rem) {} notation let you do "responsive design" at a component level, adapting the style to the width of the space for the container rather than the viewport.


With scroll-timeline you can link an animation to the scroll position of an element. This makes it really easy to do parallax style animations.


Prefers reduced data is a new media query that lets visitors signal they want to preserve data. You can emulate it in Polypane by going to the emulation section above a pane and toggling "prefers-reduced-data" to "reduce".

We're written a large aticle about what you can do with prefers-reduced-data, read that here: Creating websites with prefers-reduced-data.


Have suggestions for things you want enabled in Polypane? Let us know.

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