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Command Bar

The Command bar in Polypane lets you control all parts of the application through a keyboard interface. Bring it up with ⌘ K then start typing the action you want to execute.

Actions are grouped in specific categories like 'navigation' and 'current tab' so it's clear what they apply to.

You can also use the command bar to quickly look up the shortcuts of the various available actions, as each action displays the associated shortcut.

Command bar tools

Beyond the existing browser functionality, the command bar also exposes some extra features in the "Tools" category

Lorem ipsum

Quickly copy a couple of sentences of Lorem ipsum to the clipboard. By default three sentences are copied, but you can append the command with a number to change that


Generates and copies a uuid to clipboard.


Copies your internal IP (the one used by your device in the local network) to the clipboard.


Shoots confetti. We all need a little fun sometimes.


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