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JSON viewer

When you open a JSON file in Polypane (either from a URL, or as a .json file on disk) it is shown in a json viewer that shows the json in a collapsible tree. The json viewer works in all panes as well as in the browse panel.

JSON tree

The JSON tree shows you the data in a formatted tree. From the top bar you can save the json file or copy the json to the clipboard.

You can filter the tree with plain text that will be matched against both the properties and values.

With Expand all or Collapse all you can expand or collapse all objects and arrays in the JSON. By clicking the down arrow you can expand or collapse specific properties.

Rich data view

Each entry has a type, like number, url, text or datetime with an associated icon and color. For specific types we add more information, like the length for objects and arrays or a pretty-print of the date for datetime fields. Urls show their favicon and clicking them opens them in a new tab.

Raw data

Toggle to the raw data to see the json as its sent by the server. Toggle between the formatted version and the raw version, which also affects how the saved or copied JSON looks.


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